Sunday, 29 May 2016

The weekend report.....

VE3FRG SSB station overlooking Kingston across the straight.
The day started off not so we all headed to the clubs Sunday breakfast it was raining quite heavily.  Thankfully that only lasted about 15 minutes and then it started to brighten up a bit.

By the time we left the restaurant it was cloudy but really humid, and it was to stay that way for most of the day.  The ferry ride over to Wolfe Island, ON-009, was uneventful.....smooth sailing all the way for the 30 minute trip, and the boys who went to Howe Island, ON-023, also had no problems getting there.

The propagation numbers for the day left a lot to be desired:  SFI=87, SN=31, A Index=14, and the K Index=2 at 1420 UTC.

Wolfe Island had two stations on the air, both using the clubs VE3FRG callsign.  One was on SSB and the other was a digital station.  We had three other operators besides myself out for this activation, Dave VE3DZE, Brian VA3BAH, and Rick VE3ORY.  A total of 74 contacts were made from Wolfe Island.  The only band that was workable was 20m, the rest were a mess.

Howe Island also had two stations on the air using the clubs VE3UDO callsign.  Both of these stations were operating SSB, and they made in excess of 100 contacts.  The Howe Island operators were Tim VA3TIC and Derek VE3HRW.

Frontenac Radio Group will not be making any activations in June as they are busy with other commitments, including Field Day.

We'll see you in July when we activate another one of the Thousand Islands.

VE3FRG Digital Station using a 33' mast.

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