Monday, 29 June 2015

Need an Ottawa - Hull area activation?

Just received the following email from Gil, VE2MAM.  It will be of interest to those looking for a contact on Bates Island, ON-283:

4-5 times a week, every week of the year I'm on Bate island ON-283
with my mobile.  I  chase US counties so in my CQ call I don't mention
that I'm on ON-283 I say that I'm "chasing counties".

Bates island is just 3 kilometers from my home QTH.  I like to
bring a newspaper and a small lunch and pass one or two hours on the

'm there mostly in the morning but sometime I will go on Bate
island just before the sun goes down.

If any of your members would like a contact with this island we
could easely make a sked.   I'm retired... just send me an e-mail at

 In the past I was on QC-007, QC-006, QC-038

 Best 73

Gilles (Gil) VE2MAM

Monday, 15 June 2015

Forans Island - ON-293

John, VE3ISE, will be activating Forans Island, ON-293, on Wednesday, June 17th.   This island is near Grimsby, Ontario and is at Grid FN03fe.

His schedule will be:

1600Z on 7.260
1700Z on 14.250

All frequencies are +/- QRM.

John mentions that other bands may be available depending on conditions.  This is the second activation for this island.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Success at Upper Brewers Mill Island

The Frontenac Radio Group were finally successful today, after two years of trying and four attempts they finally managed to activate Upper Brewers Mill Island.  The Island has been assigned the identifier ON-294.

The bands were not in the best of conditions today, 20m and 40m were both very noisy and had deep QSB on them.  No contacts were managed on 10m or 15m.

Our thanks to both the Canadian and US operators who came up on frequency and made this activation finally successful.

This is the second successful activation of islands we have had in a few weeks.........who's next?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Upper Brewers Mill Island

OK, Frontenac Radio group is going to try and do this again......for the fourth time!

This Saturday morning between 1300 UTC and 1700 UTC the Frontenac Radio Group is going to attempt to break the jinx, and finally activate Upper Brewers Mill Island, which is located on the Rideau Canal system.

Grid is FN14uj.

Callsign in use will be the group's call, VE3FRG.

Hopefully the bands will be singing so we can get this activation over done with.  The propagation needs to improve quite a bit to get this activation done.

There will be two HF station on the air, and as usual, the frequencies will be +/-........

14.250 to 14.260

Friday, 5 June 2015

A Successful First Activation

Congratulations go out to John, VE3ISE, who has successfully activated Forans Island, near Grimsby, Ontario, last Tuesday evening.

Forans Island is now officially ON-293.  The island is located at FN03fe.

Well done John. we look forward to your next activation!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Upper Brewers Mill Activation - Update.

The activation of Upper Brewers Mill Island held yesterday, May 31st, was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, with high winds and driving rain - what was first thought to be antenna issues, quickly became a major issue as they realized it was actually due to radio failure, and no contacts were able to be made.  This was unfortunate and very frustrating for the guys who were there.  There will be another attempt at this island later in the summer.

Many thanks to the Frontenac Radio Group who attempted this first time activation, and to the many stations who were standing by waiting for them to come up on frequency.  Your patience was really appreciated by all concerned.