Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Lighthouse Activations...

Given the unseasonably warm temperatures we're having here in Ontario, I'm not surprised to see this activity so early in the new year.......

This coming Friday, January 3rd, Chris VE3CBK will will activating the following 4 Ontario lights:

Graham Bay/Stillwater Park Light, CAN-1352.
Aylmer Marina Light CAN-1431.
Aylmer Island (New) Light CAN-867.
Aylmer Island (Old) Light CAN-1437.

Chris will start at 1500 UTC, and go until 1700 UTC.  If propagation is good he will continue until 1800 UTC.

Starting frequency will be 7.270 +/- QRM.  He will move to 14.270 +/- QRM around 1600 UTC.

Aylmer Marina Light CAN-1431

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Thank You!!

A huge Thank You goes out to all the hams who took the time and activated an island this year.  Without you guys there would not be a need for the Canadian Island Activators, and life would then be pretty boring.

2019 was a fairly quiet year as far as activations go, but given our position in the current solar cycle, we are not surprised.  It's a lot of work to plan and execute a good activation only to have it ruined by very bad propagation.  I happened to me on a couple of activations this year.

This year we have started to announce Canadian lighthouse activations as well.  We don't keep track of lighthouses, but if we can help drum up some business for those out there activating, so much the better.

We hope that 2020 will start to see some improvement in propagation, and in turn hope that will start hams looking at getting out and activating an island or two during the year.

Once again a big Thank You to this years activators, we couldn't do it without you guys!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Winter Field Day...

Planning on taking part in Winter Field Day, January 25th & 26th, 2020 ??

If you are, plot your location on this map located HERE, so far we have only one Canadian location shown....I'm sure there will be more, but let's get Canada on the map !!

The Rules for the event can be found HERE.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Early Winter

Well, winter seems to have come very early to a number of places around the country.  If you're planning on doing an activation...Island or Lighthouse...please use some common sense and watch out for hypothermia and thin ice.  We don't want any accidents and everyone needs to stay safe.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Light Activations

Just received from John, VE3ISE.....

Weather and Time permitting, he will be heading to Southampton, Ontario, to activate two lights on Wednesday, November 13th, at approximately 1700 UTC.

The lights are:

Chantry Island Light, CAN-619, and
Southampton Range Light, CAN-626.

Frequencies will be 7.260 to 7.270 +/- QRM.

Hopefully the weather will be fine and John can enter and leave the snow belt without much trouble.