Wednesday, 14 August 2019

10 Days to go.....

Don't forget, we have 10 days to go until the W / VE Island QSO Party happens.  Have you picked out an island yet?

Let's see some more Canadian participation this year, it's been pretty dismal for the last few years.

Rules can be found HERE.

Lists of Canadian Islands by province can be found on the front page of this Blog.  Pick one, get out there, operate, and have fun !!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

2019 W/VE Island QSO Party

Next up on the annual calendar is the W/VE Island QSO Party held each year in August.   This year the dates are August 24 and 25.

This year rules can be found HERE.

Canadian participation has been pretty dismal over the last few years.  Let's see if we can get a few more Canadian Islands on the air for this event.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Big Island, Bay of Quinte

Coming up next Sunday - 21 July, Big Island, ON-090, in the beautiful Bay of Quinte will be on the air.  

VE3FI and VE3MNE (both callsigns) will be on from 1500 UTC to 1900 UTC.  They will start on 14.270 +/- QRM and then QSY later in the afternoon to 7.270 +/- QRM.

Big Island has not been activated in over 20 years from the records we can find, so it's a rare one.

UPDATE:  We have added a CW Station to the activation. You will find him on 14.040 and 7.040 +/- QRM.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Jourimain Island NB-029

Here's another activation announcement received today:

George, VE9NLH, will be activating Jourimain Island, New Brunswick, NB-029, on July 12, 13, & 14.

He will also be activating the Jourimain Island Lighthouse, ARLHS CAN-258.

No frequencies were given, but I would assume the usual island frequencies.

Friday, 28 June 2019

July 2019 Activations

A big package arrived in the mail today with the details of an eight-day island and lighthouse activation holiday from Chris, VE3CBK.

I have no actual timings or frequencies, just the date of the activation.  If I get the missing info I will add it to this page.

While this is a long list of Lighthouse numbers, the two islands being activated at the same time are fairly rare and are well worth getting in your log.

On 12 or 13 July Chris will activate the following US lighthouses:

USA-527 Nash Island Light
USA-597 Petit Manan Light
USA-526 Narraguagus Light

On 14 July he will activate:

USA-880 West Quoddy Light
USA-890 Whitlock Mills Light

On 15 July he will activate:

CAN-714 Pendlebury Light
CAN-948 Tongue Shoal Light
CAN-214 Green's Point Light
CAN-162 Beaver Harbour Light
CAN-366 Pea Point Light

From 16 to 20 July he will activate Grand Manan Island NB-003 and the following lights:

CAN-469 Southwest Head Light
CAN-192 Gannet Rock Light
CAN-282 Machias Seal Island
CAN-??? North Rock Light - First activation no assigned number yet.

The above four lights have severe Coast Guard QRM and will be activated on 40m only.

On 17 July in the AM:

CAN-??? Seal Cove Breakwater Light - First activation no assigned number yet.

Continuing the 16 to 20 July list he will activate:

CAN-709 Fish Fluke Point Light
CAN-210 Great Duck Island Light

On 18 July he will activate White Head Island NB-010 and the following lights:

CAN-644 Long Point Light
CAN-739 Gull Cove Light

Again continuing the 16 to 20 July list he will activate the following light back on Grand Manan Island NB-003:

CAN-491 Swallowtail Light
CAN-283 Long Eddy Point
CAN-470 Southern Wolf Light
CAN-166 East Quoddy Light
CAN-045 Bliss Island Light

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Morris Island ON-124

Morris Island Lighthouse.
Just received news that Chris VE3CBK, will be activating Morris Island, ON-124, this coming Wednesday, June 19th.  Chris will be on the air from 1400 UTC to 1600 UTC.

He will start on 14.270 +/- QRM and then QSY to 7.270 +/- QRM. He plans to spend about 20 minutes on each band.  After that, he will choose whatever band is working for him.

As a bonus, he is also able to activate Morris Island Lighthouse, ARLHS CAN-1077, and Arnprior Island Light ARLHS CAN-1044.

He will be running QRP for this event. 

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Advanced Notice of Activations...

So far this year we have received notice that the following Ontario islands will be activated over the summer months...

Hoople Island ON-082

Dickinson Island ON-086

Heriot Island ON-251

Philpots Island ON-115

These four islands are all part of the Long Sault Parkway near Cornwall, Ontario.  These islands have not been activated in many years so it's nice to see them being looked at again.

Iroquois Island ON-271 will also be activated, probably in late July, by the Upper Canada QRP Club.

Two islands, never before activated, will be put on the air this fall by the Frontenac Radio Club.  They are both located in the Rideau River.  More details on them closer to the date.