Saturday, 25 March 2017

2017 News......

It's been awhile since we had news for the Blog!!!  

News of forthcoming island activations are slowly coming into our email in-basket these days.

Here's the list of islands that are on the activators "to do" list as of todays date.  I'm sure more will follow as the weather starts to warm up.

On the list submitted by Mark, VE3FPS, these islands are all in the Thousand Islands, and none of them have been activated to date:

Whiskey Island - FN14sf55ua
Milton Island - FN14tf28es
Hickory Island - FN14vg90ia
Arabella Island - FN14vf98tq
Black Ant Island - FN14vg72wb
Horseshoe Island - FN14rd76mh
Goose Island - FN14se67ge

On the list submitted by Don, VE3MNE, these islands are all in Hay Bay, and none of these have been activated yet:

Glen Island - FN14lb33do
Ram Island - FN14ld80
White island - FN14nd07

We will announce the activation dates for these islands as soon as we receive them.  They're a nice project for Canada's 150th Birthday....