Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Results Are In !!

The results are in for this years W/VE Island QSO Party.
Call Class QTH Score Place
W4CN Exp KY037R 11,605 E1
NF4GA Exp FL528S 6,314 E2
W8RD Exp FL528S 6,045 E3
VA3TIC Exp ON-023 5,080 E4
N4SVC Exp FL528S 3,876 E5
W1NRG Exp CT037R 2,016 E6
VA3PCJ Exp ON-295 1,548 E7
NC6Q Exp CA060S 261 E8
N0KTK Exp MO003R 207 E9
W7PIG Fixed WA003S 113,113 F1
K9QJS Fixed WA004S 9,240 F2
W7VXS Fixed WA007L 8,742 F3
W0YJT Non KS 2,250 N1
VE2GT Non QC 90 N2
WB0IWG Non ND 5 N3
K3USI Rover TOTAL 3,076 R1
N7KRN Rover TOTAL 1,918 R2
ND9E Rover TOTAL 1,859 R3
AC7SG Rover TOTAL 1,158 R4
Thank's to all those who participated, we hope to see you all back next year!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A few weeks ago I posted an entry asking for information on various unknown islands and other missing general information.

The response has been great, and a good many of the "dark holes" have now been filled in. We still have some information to locate, but it is an on-going job.

Many, Many, Thanks to Dave VE3LDT, Doug VE3CWO, and Mike VA6FUN for the vast amount of information they have sent on to me.

One of the biggest tasks I have had to do is split the original activation list for the old NWT into two as many of the islands are now in the new territory of Nunavut.  I can say this without a doubt, you learn your Canadian geography running this site!!

Thanks again guys, I appreciate all your help.