Saturday, 27 September 2014

Another Successful Activation!!

We are pleased to announce that Doug-VE3VS, Heather-VE3HQH and Bev-VA3DQB, successfully activated Fox Island on Friday, September 26th, and the island has been awarded the number: ON-291.

They managed 41 contacts while there. 11 with the USA, 1 with the Czech Republic and 29 with fellow Canadians.

 Well done Doug, Heather and Bev!!

I would also like to thank Barry, VE3ISX, and the rest of the guys from ONTARS who stood by on the 40m frequency for a couple of hours to ensure this island activation was a success.  This was fantastic support, and is what this hobby is all about.

Below are some photo's from Doug of the activation.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Fox Island Activation

Late notice because I was away and couldn't check my email.....

Doug, VE3VS and a few friends are hoping to activate Fox Island, located in Lake Simcoe, about 1 km north of Snake Island (ON-012  FN04gh) on Friday, September 26 from noon EST (1600 Z) for five to six hours.

Expecting to use dipoles on 40m SSB and 20m SSB working around 7.250 and 14.250 to 14.260. Fox Island Location: 44deg 20.034 N   79deg 29.177 W

Elevation about 720 feet ASL.  Island size about 2000 feet E-W and also N-S. Part of the town of Georgina, York County.