Sunday, 11 October 2015

Let's get ready for Winter!!

Wintertime in Canada allows us to activate islands over the ice that we sometimes cannot get too during the warmer months.  Activating islands in the Canadian winter can encounter serious weather hazards at any time, and without warning! 

It is assumed that in preparing themselves prior to any winter activity, each participant will:

Understand the causes, preventive measures and treatment for hypothermia;

Dress appropriately (in layers), bring food, snacks, and water and be prepared for unforeseen delays on the trail, remember the "10 Essentials" and carry them in your pack as well as your radio gear.

Understand that changes in weather and snow conditions can affect the difficulty level of a given trail;

Have experience on and be familiar with his/her own equipment;

Have a good understanding of the hazards of travelling over open ice.

The Ten Essentials:

Remember!!!  Be Safe Out There !!!!

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