Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Several updates have been done to the site over the past few weeks.  As noted in previous entries we have had the Ontario and Quebec island lists reviewed by local experts, and as a result a few name changes and removals have happened.

We have also changed a number of the six figure Maidenhead Grids to eight figure grids, to give our activators a better idea where a particular island is.  It was discovered that in one particular six figure grid there are four activated islands, the use of the eight figure grids allows us to narrow the locations right down.

There are still a large number of activated islands in the database, whose actual location cannot be found.  This is true in many provinces, and is originally due to poor initial record keeping a long time before CIA came along on the scene.  We are working hard to try to find their actual locations.  If you come across an activated island with no grid reference, and know where it is, please let us know so we can bring the record up to date.

We're also thrilled to see the large up-swing in island activations in Ontario and Quebec this year.  Hopefully this trend will catch on in the rest of the country.

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