Sunday, 16 August 2015

VA3PCJ - A successful first activation !!

Aylmer Island - ON-295
This past Saturday, Jose - VA3PCJ, carried out a very successful first activation of Aylmer Island....which as of today is now also known as ON-295.

Aylmer Island is located in the Ottawa River, very near Shirley's Bay at grid FN25bj.

Jose got to the island on his sailboat, the "Sassy Gaffer", anchored off the island and rowed ashore in the dinghy.

Once on the island he managed to dodge the ever present and dreaded poison ivy that covers the island, set up his 20m PAR endfed using a Sotabeams travel mast, and sitting under a large oak tree managed to put 30 contacts from 3 DX entities in the log using his KX3.

Given the lousy state of the bands this weekend, this was a fantastic achievement.

Well done Jose!!

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