Friday, 31 July 2015

2015 W/VE QSO Party

Our first activation notice has arrived for the W/VEIsland QSO Party on the weekend of August 29th and 30th.  

Saturday the 29th will see John VE3SIE, and Doug VE3GJ, activating Forans island ON-293, and Haywood island ON-292. (Please note: from Haywood Island the operator can see Port Dalhousie Light CAN-541), and Henley Island ON-007 starting at 1400 UTC.

Sunday the 30th will see them activate Tinturn Island ON-254, The Island ON-110 and Merrit Island ON-109.  These last two islands are located within the Welland Canal,   Starting around 1400Z

Frequencies will be the usual 20M 14250, 40M 7250,  all frequencies are +/- QRM and Weather Permitting.

Please QSL to the home calls, all details on QRZ.

Start making your plans for the event.  We need MORE Canadian stations taking part, and don't forget to submit your logbook.

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