Monday, 29 June 2015

Need an Ottawa - Hull area activation?

Just received the following email from Gil, VE2MAM.  It will be of interest to those looking for a contact on Bates Island, ON-283:

4-5 times a week, every week of the year I'm on Bate island ON-283
with my mobile.  I  chase US counties so in my CQ call I don't mention
that I'm on ON-283 I say that I'm "chasing counties".

Bates island is just 3 kilometers from my home QTH.  I like to
bring a newspaper and a small lunch and pass one or two hours on the

'm there mostly in the morning but sometime I will go on Bate
island just before the sun goes down.

If any of your members would like a contact with this island we
could easely make a sked.   I'm retired... just send me an e-mail at

 In the past I was on QC-007, QC-006, QC-038

 Best 73

Gilles (Gil) VE2MAM

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